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mSearch is product of The MAMA AI enabling search by natural language

What can your search look like? Your question will be answered correctly, even though it does not contain any word that appears in the answer.

Example 1 in english

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) increases efficiency and user experience in the following areas:

  • search in the large documents databases – Document Management System, technical standards, process descriptions, procedures documentation or solutions used in maintenance, etc.
  • understanding of the client’s request - even if the request is not formulated precisely, the client can be directed to the right document, person or department
  • Human-to-Digital and Digital-to-Digital communication is possible

The question can be placed in a language other than the language of the database being searched. Semantic search is language independent.

Explanation: Question in this query is in Romanian and means “How do we know it's our fault?”
Explanation: Question in this query is in Romanian and means “How do we know it's our fault?”

How did we deal with this recently...?
Someone has already asked me to do this…
I'm sure I've seen this situation before…

mSearch will help you to excite your clients for instance in these situations:

The client's request to the call center will be understood without waiting and the operator will have the relevant information available when the client connects. For example, how similar requests have been successfully addressed to other clients.

Sometimes the client's request is resolved even before the connection with the operator.

Person calling

Do you need to find a situation in your company records similar to the one you need to solve for your client, but perhaps described in other words? For example, traffic accidents caused by animals? mSearch will find similar situations for you, whether it's an IT issue or an accident report. And you don't have to know the language of the document you're looking for to find it.

Person on computer

"I was driving through a fenced pasture and suddenly a cow attacked me."

"I managed to miss the deer on the road, but suddenly he shook his head and smashed my mirror and scratched my left front door."

"I tried too hard not to cross the dog."

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