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About us


World class AI and Cloud experts with 25+ years of experience

Top-class research, development and customer solutions in conversational AI, speech recognition and synthesis, dialog systems, machine translation, generic deep learning, machine learning and beyond.


Trustworthy relationships with customers and industry partners

Large number of succesfull collaborations with industrial partners from banking, automotive, agriculture. Experience from many government projects in the field of healthcare, education, defense, security.


IBM Watson and IBM Research alumni

For many years we have worked as part of IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in NY/Prague and in 2014 we co-founded the IBM Watson Group.


Multigenerational team, balanced and highly-performing

In early nineties, some of us worked on statistical speech recognition while others learned to speak their first words. Working together for three decades, we feel almost like a family.

Passionate about AI

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Conversational AI

  • Assistants and chatbots
  • Design for voice and text
  • Deflection of common tasks
  • Customer sentiment
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  • Call center transcriptions
  • Call logs analytics
  • Speaker id and verification
  • Mood detection
  • Agent guidance
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Applied AI

  • Accoustic monitoring and prediction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • AIOps
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  • NLP and Voice on embedded platforms
  • Gaming
  • Automotive
  • Remote/offline use
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Omni-channel Interaction

  • Interactive customer notifications
  • Upsell/Cross-sell
  • User profiles
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Natural Language Generation

  • Written or spoken reports from structured data
  • Customized to end-customer


Building customer solutions in conversational AI, speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, telephony, AIOps.

Conversational AI illustration

Conversational AI

Designing, building, improving, and maintaining smart text-based or voice-based assistants using scalable conversational automation platform. On-demand solution or integration with conversational services such as IBM Watson Assistant. Easy integration into existing backends or legacy systems. Design based on detailed analysis of customer needs, iterative improvements based on deep analysis of user traffic.

Speech solutions illustration

Speech solutions

Transcribe spoken speech into text in real time, synthesize natural sounding audio from text. Boost performance on specific enterprise domains with custom models. Scan vast volumes of data with keyword spotting. Prosodic, emotional, and biometric features. On-demand solution or integration with speech services such as IBM Watson Speech To Text and Text To Speech.

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Conversational intelligence platform for omnichannel solutions. Deep understanding of human multi-modal interactions. Easy integration via REST API, into existing backends or legacy systems. We use several sophisticated strategies to interact with customers over the respective channels in the true omnichannel way and thus maximally optimize the user experience.

Data to text illustration

Data to text

Generate attractive written or spoken reports from structured data sources. Customize and fine-tune for your audience, target modality or platform. Easily embed dynamic content into your presentation.

Almost like a family, certainly a strong team.

Before some of us uttered their first word, others worked to make computers able to recognize it.

Contact our sales by phone: +420 737 264 326, by e-mail: sales@​themama.ai, or follow us on
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